Wood Work

HKS 1835

Our partners HKS 1835 produce the Krugers range of engineered wood flooring and are based in Munster, Germany. Established for over 180 years, they are now in their 5th generation of family management.

The Krugers collection offers a dimensionally stable flooring in a professional two layer construction. This one strip plank wood flooring is made of an oak top layer based on first class birch plywood. The technical characteristics reduce the risk of bending and gaps. Krugers is flexible in thicknesses / widths and the natural oil and wax finishes ensure resistant and ecologic surfaces.

As well as standard planks, Krugers is available in chevron and herringbone patterns. This range is also available as tiles.

The characteristics of this plank wood flooring is the natural look. Each tree is unique and your floor will show this. Characteristics of wood like knots and grains underline that this is a natural grown product. The are 17 different finishes and one unfinished option in the Krugers range, which provides wonderful homogeneous surfaces.

This flooring can be laid on warm water underfloor heating when glued down on concrete, or installed floating with Elastilon. Further information regarding installation and maintenance is available upon request. HKS 1835 engineered wood flooring is produced according to DIN EN 13489 with tongue and groove and bevel alongside.