• Floresco

A Weekend in Romania

Updated: Feb 6

Last weekend I travelled to Romania to visit Massiv Forest Products, the company behind CRAFTWAND®, the sustainable wood modules, and Nature Systems, the decorative wood surfaces.

The company was established in 1995, and the Massiv Forest Products complex is one of the largest solid wood processing facilities in Europe, with over 45,000 m2 of undercover production space. It's an impressive place.

Massiv promote sustainability through resource conservation and are setting new standards with their eco-friendly products, such as CRAFTWAND®.

The fresh cut beech wood used to produce their products must be kiln dried to approximately 15% moisture content, which is suitable for indoor use. It takes as long as 3 months of air drying, and an additional 3 months of kiln drying time, to reach the moisture level needed for processing their products.

CRAFTWAND® and Nature Systems incorporate in their design the genuine nature of beech, and all of it's so called imperfections, to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

The traces of time are left visible in the wood and the surfaces are not cosmetically embellished but treated naturally, either oiled, stained or charred.

Massiv Forest Products are driven to by the goal of producing amazing products and minimising waste.