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Sustainable Interior Design Ideas

Updated: Feb 6

Since we started promoting CRAFTWAND® last month we've had a great response, with some extremely positive feedback from interior designers across the UK.

CRAFTWAND® is a free standing, wood modular system that can be used in every internal environment and can be adapted for every layout.

The wood is sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests, meaning that CRAFTWAND® is a sustainable product and also emissions free.

CRAFTWAND® is versatile and it can take on any shape. The modules are available in different sizes, shapes and colours making it perfect for the following interiors:

- Workplace

- Hotels

- Restaurants

- Bars/cafes

- Retail

- Airports

- Museums

- Residential

Please see below for some CRAFTWAND® images.



If you would like to receive a PDF of the CRAFTWAND® brochure then please do not hesitate to contact me at