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CRAFTWAND® - The Modular Wood Wall System

Updated: Feb 6

We're very pleased to introduce you to CRAFTWAND®, a natural wood product for sustainable working and living.

CRAFTWAND® is a patented, unique and flexible wall system made from solid beech. It can be used as a room divider or as an independent furniture system, unattached to any other walls.

CRAFTWAND® is easily constructed, and also dismantled and reconstructed, and is perfect for any residential and commercial environment.

The system is totally flexible with regards shapes and sizes and it can also integrate wiring, cables, lights etc invisibly, if required.

CRAFTWAND® is available in natural and multiple stain colours, as well as numerous customised shapes, and it is also possible to combine colour and custom shapes.

The authentic nature of beech wood, with colour accents, knots, cracks and splits, is integrated in the design, therefore reducing raw material wastage and represents sustainability, highlighting the green concept inspiring CRAFTWAND®.

CRAFTWAND® is produced by Massiv Forest Products, our new partner, who design and supply natural wood products. All of which are sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests. Massiv Forest Products is FSC certified.