• Floresco

Sustainable Furniture Systems for the New Workplace

Updated: Jun 1

If you're looking to change an existing workplace environment, or if you're designing a new one, then the CRAFTWAND® modular furniture system is the perfect solution.

Created from wood sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests, CRAFTWAND® can be used in every internal environment and can be adapted for every layout.

CRAFTWAND® can be used to create:

  • Space dividers

  • Partition walls

  • Desks

  • Reception areas

  • Tables

Installation of the modules is quick and easy as they're freestanding, with no dirt or debris, or damage to pre-existing finishes.

CRAFTWAND® can be repeatedly dismantled and cycled back into use, even reshaped or repurposed with no loss of quality, looking as great this year as it does the next.