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Sky, Amazon and Stuttgart Airport

Updated: Feb 6

Since we launched CRAFTWAND® in the UK in August we've had a fantastic response from interior designers and clients, who love the flexibility, uniqueness and appearance of this sustainable wood product.

Although CRAFTWAND® is new to the UK market it is already being used by some of the largest companies in the world, who have embraced the benefits of incorporating the natural characteristics of CRAFTWAND® into their workplaces.

Please see some images below from Amazon , the multinational technology company, who have used over 500 m2 of CRAFTWAND® to create seating areas for their staff. As you can see numerous different finishes have been used to create imaginative contemporary environments.

Sky, the British media company, have been utilising the raw characteristics of CRAFTWAND® in their headquarters for period of time now. They identified the advantages of using such a flexible product in their UK base and now over 1,000 m2 of CRAFTWAND® can be seen around the Sky HQ. It is also being used in their cafeteria.

(See Sky images below)

CRAFTWAND® has also been used at Stuttgart Airport to create seating areas for passengers to relax before their flights.

As well as the the workplace, CRAFTWAND® is also ideal for the following sectors:

- Retail

- Hospitality

- Residential

- Exhibition

CRAFTWAND® is produced by Massiv Forest Products, who design and supply natural wood products. All of which are sourced from FSC certified sustainable forests. Massiv Forest Products is FSC certified.

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