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LED Hardwax Oil

The revolutionary Vesting LED HardWax Oil is a unique range of over 50 colours, plus bespoke shades. It is a VOC free wax oil based system that colours and protects the wood. 

It contains an unique mix of oils, waxes, resins and additives. Because of this, the oil cures and hardens in a split second when it comes into contact with LED light. When finished, the wood surface is instantly resilient and protected against dirt and moist.

Vesting LED HardWax Oil will make the colours of your floor significantly richer and deeper. Suitable for high traffic areas and also for project based use because of its highly wear resistance. 

The major plus of hard wax oil is that the floor can be maintained well and that damage to the finishing layer can also be touched up locally. So you do not need to cover the entire floor to remove minor damage. Due to these possibilities, the floor retains its natural appearance.

Vesting’s oils and (hard) wax oils protect, impregnate and give many types of wood surfaces a beautiful, distinctive finish. They beautify and provide an excellent moisture and dirt repellent layer.

Single Coat Oils

This range of over 50 colours, plus bespoke shades, is a VOC free wax oil based system that colours and protects the wood, typically in one coat. It is an oxidative curing system which can be used along with a hardener.

Wax Oil

This range as standard is available in 20 colours, but colours can be produced to order to match all 50 of the LED and single coat oils. Bespoke colours are also available on request. It is an oxidative oil system which colours and protects in typically two coats.


Stains give untreated wooden furniture and floors any colour you wish. Also, the type of stain determines the accentuation of the wood, as a consequence of which there are plenty of options.

By staining, oak floors obtain a deep, warm appearance. Also, with other shades the floor can complement a very contemporary interior. Stains are available in many colours, also including customised colours. These are water-based products for staining wood surfaces. 

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